Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA

The other day I needed a forest beer, so i went straight to the fridge. Upon opening it i noticed the Animal Farm IPA and thought “hey! there’s animals in the forest!”. So I went forth into the forest full of animals with a beer with “animal” in the name. It was a precarious link at best but i used it none the less. In any case the beer itself was a belgian IPA. Fruity-Sweet and round off the nose, balanced well with decent flavour aroma and bitterness hops. The finish gave off the belgian in the “belgian IPA” with a hint of spiciness. As i walked across fallen trees and nearly lost balance i became suddenly aware of the ABV of 7.5% which until that moment had been completely disguised by a complexed and delicious mix of style and flavour. This is one i’d enjoy again, and one i’d recommend to those are not hop heads.

Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA- 4/5

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