Opsal Steel Sells Beer!

The Opsal Steal Building is a very nicely restored building in the Olympic Village, and the brewery that restored it and takes it place, Steel Toad, similarly has tried to make old new again too. Steel Toad has not one but two hand pulled beer engine English style real ales! As someone who cut his teeth on English ales in England i was beyond stoked to hopefully try a bitter similar to old stand by “Harvey’s Sussex Bitter” and to boot the other is a stout! The bitter pours a funny colour quite paler than the amber I’m used to. In fact i confused it with the saison a few times. Unfortunately, if this was a beer was a book it could have been judged upon its cover. Basically this bitter is very muted, and to use the colloquial of the day a “pretty basic Bit.. beer”. The stout on the other hand tastes true to style. It was nice and roasty however it was served without any head (which often happens in the UK where glasses are filled to the brim) which would have been nice. To Brewery’s credit the carbonation was also on point. The other offerings from Steel Toad included a Farmhouse Saison and a Blonde. The Saison had lots of saison flavours, however they all seem to be competing. I really feel the Saison would benefit from some conditioning. The blonde however was plain boring… i think you’d be better off grabbing a big surf, which is quite good for the style. In the end Steel Toad is a nice building in a nice part of town for an adventure, their beer leaves something to be desired but it is early days yet!

Bitter- 1.5/5

Stout- 3/5

Saison- 2.5/5

Blonde- 2/5

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