Driftwood New Growth Pale Ale

When i first got into home-brewing i stayed up late each night watching brewing videos. In one series i came by a group of brewers tried to make the most local beer possible. It took place in Southern California, where it wouldn’t be too difficult to give it a go. The brewer’s easily enough sourced local hops, grains, and of course water. The last step, the focus of the series, was extracting local yeast… FROM THE AIR! Of course this was how it was done back in the old days, then again I’m sure to many it was simply described as magic. In any case, it was quite interesting to see the extreme lengths these brewers went to to extract yeast. A special vessel was used to increase the surface area of the wort to grab yeast, and once that was accomplished the beer wasn’t even used the whole batch was made simply to grab the yeast. What does this have to do with New Growth Pale Ale? Well New Growth Pale Ale sources hops from Chilliwack! We are at step one of a internal BC BEER! granted we are a long way off from where the brewers in the series i watched are, but its cool none the less. Granted most of the local wet-hopped beers also use local hops (the centennial and newport hops in New Growth are again from the legendary Sartori farm). But the intention of the wet-hopped beer is to use the freshest hops rather than use local hops. Semantics to some, of the utmost importance to me. So how does it taste? good. Actually though New Growth as described by Driftwood is session ale and it is. The colour is on point, the aroma is apparent but not like a bushel of hops stuck in your glass and a smooth nose is finished with a pleasant hoppy-not-overtly-bitter finish.

Driftwood New Growth Pale Ale- 4/5

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