Hoyne Voltage Espresso Stout

I was really excited when i saw the Hoyne Espresso Stout, Hoyne puts out some solid beers and one of my favourite UK beers is the Dark Star Espresso Stout ( http://darkstarbrewing.co.uk/beer/ ). So the expectations were high with this tasting. I’m not a huge fan of super cold beer, especially with stout, so this beer i tasted between 6-10 celsius. It pours dark (DUH!), with a lighter head than i expected. As i brought the glass to my nose coffee was definitely apparent, the problem, stale coffee aroma. The nose is dominated by the scent of stale coffee and unfortunately it tastes of the same through the middle, Despite many claiming on untappd of a smooth finish i noticed an acidy taste. In short I wouldn’t pick this one up again. Its worth noting the ABV on this beer is 5.6%… but why?  Its head scratcher to me but hey I’m not the brewer.

Hoyne Voltage Espresso Stout 2/5

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