Granville Island Brewing Cocoa Loco

Its interesting to note the difference between the staple GIB beers brewed on Burrard by Molson, and the beers (all in bombers called the “black Note Book Series”) brewed by Vern on the Island (or is it an isthmus?). It seems as i gain a greater understanding of beer my contempt for the staples grows and my love of the bombers increases. Well, true to form this beer is one I love. Unlike past years editions, which i also loved but in my opinion were lighter and more reminiscent of lighter chocolates, this one is richer and darker tasting. This beer isn’t overly complicated but is satisfying. The nose is sweet which transitions nicely into a rich chocolate flavour before finishing with a lingering dark chocolate bitter taste. An ABV of 8.7% was hidden as what is most pronounced is the Dark Chocolate flavours. This is a beer to be given to your non-craft drinking friends and family. The flavour is quite accessible to all those who enjoy a nice dark chocolate.

Granville Island Brewing Cocoa Loco- 3.5

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