MYSTERY GIFT DAY 2- Central City Brewing Pilsner

Here we go! 2 time Canadian Brewery of the year CENTRAL CITY BREWING PRESENTS: pilsner…? Well Parallel 49 starts the mystery gift with something special Central City brings something a little more traditional forth. I’ve got a feeling that Central City’s special collaboration beer will come on the 24th so lets look forward to that. While i won’t go as far as to say its at the same level as my favourite Pilsner (that accolade goes to Main Street) here we have a solid no nonsense pilsner that does the job. Central City Pilsner pours a clear yellow with a white head. Its not overly carbonated like a Molson pilsner which gives you more opportunity to taste beer which has a nice mouth feel where the pale malts are prominent. Finally the malts are balanced by what I’m guessing is a a (or maybe a few) continental european hops. So what is this? A solid beer. No its not my favourite but i wouldn’t scoff at it either. I would happily accept it from a friend or order it at bar.

MYSTERY GIFT DAY 2- Central City Brewing Pilsner- 3/5

I would make the Parallel 49 roundel the wheels on the bike.

I will be reviewing each and everyone of the daily Parallel 49 & Central City Brewing Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown. So jump on board, follow along and even contribute your thoughts!

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