MYSTERY GIFT DAY 3- Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty I.P.A.

My friends and I are generally big fans of anything Parallel 49, except “lil red”, but “lil red” is clearly the “lil red headed step child of Parallel 49 that no one likes (PUNS!). In any case we always wondered why Parallel 49 hadn’t produced a staple IPA to date. Yes they had hoparazzi, but thats an IPL. Yes there was Lord of the Hops, which i hoped went into normal production. Finally, there was Snap, Crackle, Hop that people either seemed to love or hate. Yes they had IPA’s, but no staple IPA. Until months ago when Filthy Dirty IPA was announced. Now i hoped this would be Lord of the Hops branded differently, but it isn’t at all (or maybe it is and i’m slave to marketing like everyone else). This IPA has a dank aroma. Its got a bitterness that looms over the pallet and fatigues it, i don’t find it pleasant. This heavy tasteless bitterness then lingers. Anyways I’m not a fan, i hope i find some Lord of the hops in the coming days.

MYSTERY GIFT DAY 3- Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty I.P.A.- 1.5/5

I wonder if someone trademarked “Advent”.

I will be reviewing each and everyone of the daily Parallel 49 & Central City Brewing Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown. So jump on board, follow along and even contribute your thoughts!

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