MYSTERY GIFT DAY 4- Central City Brewing Belgian White

When i was finally able to start drinking i met some friends at local bar. I specifically don’t say pub, because i think of “Pub” as a term of endearment and this “bar” had very few endearing qualities. Anyways having already sampled the finest macro’s as an underager and noting a poster on the wall proclaiming a new Granville Island Beer, i ordered a pitcher of Hef-eh-wize-en. Now granted i still don’t know how to pronounce the word it was my first step in an education of craft beer (yes, arguably “crafty” i know!). There were a few things that drew me in. 1 i being from metro Vancouver new full well of GIB at even a young age. 2 i was starting to think “hey beer is good, but i wonder if some beers are better?”,

Yes this is me at grad camping drinking “beer” whilst wearing a “Hons wonton house” t-shirt.

What i noticed was “Hey this beer has lots of flavour (relative to Canadian (see above)) and its not bitter”. With that a love affair of beer had begun. So… Belgian White? Same idea but a little more complexed. Citrus on the nose that lingers throughout, little bit of clove through the middle that finishes with a dash of belgian-yeast-citrus-spice. This beer is definitely more complexed and delicious then the GIB offering, but it remains very accessible even to people new to beer. In fact i think i might have to go buy a six pack i forgot how good whites were!

MYSTERY GIFT DAY 4- Central City Brewing Belgian White- 3.5/5

It would have been rad if a full sized bomber was also enclosed for Xmas day.

I will be reviewing each and everyone of the daily Parallel 49 & Central City Brewing Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown. So jump on board, follow along and even contribute your thoughts!

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