Elysian Bifrost Winter Ale

So, this past summer i found myself in Seattle to watch the worlds greatest football team! No not the Seahawks, they play throw-ball.

No not the team that try their best to flog this as fashion.

That team would be the MIGHTY SPURS!

The Best Football team to set foot in Seattle

Anyways following the match my girlfriend and I set out to get some craft beer! The easiest destination to find and get to was Pike Street brewing. We walked in and were told by welcoming yet busy server that they were full everywhere but the self service museum area. We walked in and grabbed some seats. The museum area was a real assault on the senses (think Uncle Moe’s Family Feed Bag).

The Grease burnt his head, and the decor burnt my eyes.

furthermore the line to order was ridiculously long, and god dammit there were too many points of interest with no reasonable starting point! Anyways we resolved to find somewhere quieter and more-er pub-er.


We headed north and found Elysian Brewing. We were treated to a solid Northwest style Pub delicious food and delicious beer. So long story, but because of this i have a good impression of Elysian, and have not been disappointed with the dribs and drabs that have flowed up north. This week i caught wind of their winter ale known as Bifrost. So Bifrost! it has a sweet complexed maltiness that flows well into a citrus bitterness that compliments well the aforementioned sweet hops. The sweet malts suggest a higher the average ABV which is 7.6% without actually forcing the alcohol taste on your pallet. This is actually a  winter ale the tastes like ALE. By that i mean it is not filled with non-beer flavours commonly associated with winter. It is not candy cane or gingerbread, white chocolate or cocoa. It is a high alcohol beer with complexed malts balanced well with hops designed for sipping and warming on cold winter nights. Well done Elysian, well done. Elysian Bifrost Winter Ale- 4/5

I thought the bifrost was in Asguard with Thor, No? whatever.

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