MYSTERY GIFT DAY 7- Parallel 49 Toques of Hazard.

One of the things that makes Parallel 49 so cool is how often the out out seasonal bombers. Rather that give themselves some artificial limit of one per month or 8 per year or whatever it may be, Parallel 49 seems to put one out when they think of a good idea. Thus, its not surprising that while Central City has put forth some really well crafted beers in the pack so far, the Oatmeal Stout was especially great, it has been Parallel 49 bringing the pi-zazz in this pack. Today we got some more Pizazz in the form of Toques of Hazard. Toques of Hazard is a among the few beers i haven’t tried before and having only heard great things i was excited to try this one. Pouring the beer into, oh did i accidentally use my indoor soccer Player of the Match trophy… Whoops. Regardless of my winning Player of the Match trophy citrus hops woft off the pour.

Whoops how did that get here?

Taking it in i was treated to concert of flavours, playing well indeed. Citrus hops are there but do not make up the backbone off the beer. Hops softer on the pallet are also apparent giving it a less acidy citrus flavour and more of a melon-ish taste. Finally the way the beer finishes is reminiscent of champagne, and the carbonation bites in the same way. Damn, I’m gonna need more. Oh did i mention it was 9.2%!

MYSTERY GIFT DAY 7- Parallel 49 Toques of Hazard- 4.25/5

Does any one read the captions?

I will be reviewing each and everyone of the daily Parallel 49 & Central City Brewing Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown. So jump on board, follow along and even contribute your thoughts!

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