Alright so what happened there? In short I finished undergrad and went skiing, which meant lots of books lots of beer and little writing. I did however experience quite a few beers and will have a lot to talk about moving forward starting with MYSTERY GIFT DAY 12 Central City Copper ale.

thar she blows!

This beer was released in conjunction with the renamed ESB (India Style Red Ale), and both have a new rather distinctive branding relative to the other Central City Red Racer standards. Why I’m not entirely sure, maybe Central City is considering a larger (or lager ha ha beer joke) rebrand. It pours a *gasp* copper colour with an off white head. Of course if it didn’t pour a copper colour Central City would quickly lose business. The scent is sweet malts that for whatever reason reminds me of soap. It tastes of light sweet malts and is balanced by light hop bitterness. Im told the grain bill utilizes roasted munich malts whilst the hops used are amarillo and german perle hops. In either case neither grains nor the hops were showcased well. In the release months back it was mentioned (not by the brewer but by some marketing president-ish guy) that craft beer drinkers enjoyed amber style beers and they did not have one, and thus this beer was released. Well having had this beer and finding it fairly boring it seems to me that they felt the need to create a beer more that was more accessible than some of their other offerings to new craft beer drinkers. If this beer is in fact for seasoned craft beer drinkers i believe its a failure, if its for new beer drinkers its well done.

Central City Copper Ale- 2.5/5

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