Almost caught up, now lets drink some beer! Beginning with day 14, Central City ISA. India Session Ales seem to be fairly new in BC, having popped up a few summers ago. As the name suggests these beers are intended to be more drinkable IPA’s. This can, but is not always, achieved by use of the lions share of the hops nearer to the end of the boil. Generally the longer a hop is boiled the more bitterness and less flavour and aroma, whereas with less boiling it gives less bitterness and more flavour and aroma.  A simple grain bill is often utilized to emphasize the hop flavour, and that seems to be the case here. The beer pours a beautiful colour a shade or to less than a copper with a white head. A crisp round citrus flavour worts from the head as it pours. Sipping the beer i was treated to a crispness that rolls into a brief citrus-y bitterness before finishing cleanly. This beer is perfect for killing a six pack in an evening at a cabin, what its doing in a Christmas pack i have no idea.

Central City ISA- 3.75/5

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