MYSTERY GIFT ROUND UP- attempt 3 at catching up!

So hopefully this will be fast a furious, the beer-how it tastes-and a rating, nothing more. So without further adieu:

Gypsy GIVE ME YOUR… over used old jokes.

Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears. An old favourite for many but not necessarily me. While others have lauded this beer for ages i drank it near to P49’s launch, disliked it, and never picked it up again. So what do i think now? Pours a reddish ruby (surprise of the century right?) with a strong citrus-y (i love my “-y”) aroma emanating from the glass. The sip brings with it a blast of sweet malt and citrus bitterness like being punched by two people simultaneously. Like being punched i don’t find the flavour profile to be a pleasant sensation. Just as fast as the flavour punch comes it seems to leave, like a cute girl/guy at the bar you were totally just about to say hi to but thought “hey I kinda need to go to the washroom but more realistically need to get my shit together”, only to com out and find she/he left.

Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears- 2/5

A beer thats been called the best IPA in B.C., and i’d have to agree. In fact a lot of beer writers agree and they have done much better writing than i have to describe it, so rather than re-hash it, i’ll be brief.

Best beer, see people like it.

Uncap this beer and BAM! a nice bouquet of fruity and citrus flavour comes through cleanly. Taking a first sip you are treated to a heavy floral and fruity hoppiness against a muted malt (which isn’t actually negative) this flows into closing citrus bitterness that gives a clean closure to the beer.

Central City IPA- 4.25/5

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