Almost caught up MYSTERY GIFT 17 and 18

Another seasonal from Parallel 49! This time its Sahti Claws, an old word recipe with old world ingredients like juniper berries but brewed modernly with hops. Basically this beer is a hybrid and a good one at that. You are first treated to a sweet maltiness which is complimented by a juniper berry flavour. To be honest although i am sure i’ve had juniper berries at some point i can’t remember what they taste like so its more like I’m assuming its juniper berries. The malts are balanced against Chinook and Simcoe hops which don’t steel the stage. This is a nice malty beer complimented with a berry flavour that works nicely with the malt. Its a damn decent beer perfect for winter.

Parallel 49 Sahti Claws- 3/5

So i just drank Sahti Claws whilst my room-mate and his girlfriend tickled each other on the couch, how inconsiderate right?. Anyways i’m slightly buzzed and read some of past posts and wow, a lot of errors. What i mean by that is I wasn’t making use of benign or little known grammatical tricks you were unaware of, i simply make a lot of mistakes, you should probably call me on it. OH Sahti Claws is 7.7% its all coming together now. With a buzz well on (you may not know but using “well” there was an allusion to british colloquialisms because I’m “well’ hard).

No one will get this joke, this is only for me.

In any case, IMPERIAL IPA FROM CENTRAL CITY! Remember how i said Central City makes arguably the best IPA in BC? Well here is the steroid version! Thats what you’d think, but no. Opening the bottle lets loose a beautiful hoppy flavour, not fruity or citrus but of actual hops. Taking the beer in you taste fruit, and citrus in abundance which turns into a broad bitterness that lingers for a short time before finishing cleanly. Wow this beer is not just “HOPS!” but rather “hops” which are very apparent yet not pallet destroying. It is oh so drinkable and for that, it gets:

Central City Imperial IPA or IIPA: 4.5/5

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