Please Welcome the Crowler? by Moody Ales

The Crowler? What the fuck is that? Some kind of crow-monster? No not at all, a crowler is at least 15% better than a crow monster.

I googled crow monster, this appeared.

A Crowler is a conjunction of Can and Growler (actually its probably not a conjunction but i can’t nail down the correct literary term presently and i’m not about to look it up). It was thought up by the good people at Oskar Blues in America (because i like to geographically narrow down places to about a continent). Why you ask? My Growler does the same thing, it holds beer. Yes, but the crawler holds beer differently. The Crowler in it’s aluminum can is much lighter that glass (who knew), It stops all light from reaching your beer and skunking it, It means you don’t have to remember to bring your growler when you happen by a brewery, its recyclable and most importantly whereas a growler is normally only good for 3 days a unopened crawler could be good to go for 3 MONTHS! So how does the magic happen? With this:

Of all the google images i got i liked this one most because look at the expression on that guy’s face, i mean look at him, capping crowlers is that guy’s super bowl, and he’s got my vote for MVP.

Basically one takes an uncapped crawler and fills it Co2 often via the growler fillers. Then with the Heavier Co2 (heavier than the gasses present in the air so generally the can remains filled with Co2 rather than nitrogen, oxygen etc) in place beer is filled from the bottom so the Co2 remains on the top of the beer creating a protective membrane. Next the can full of beer and covered with Co2 is taken to the machine and capped. Now you have beer for 3 months! To my knowledge the only people doing this in Canada are Moody Ales ( At my last check the Nut Brown, Gratzer, Smoked Porter, and Chocolate Oatmeal Stout were available.

So How does it taste? Well i’ve done it both ways guys (poor choice of words on my part). Following a fine day of skiing I drank it straight from the can classy parked car hold the caviar, and I detected little if any tinny or aluminum taste and i often do. I think this might be due to the larger opening of the can owing to its large size (946 ml) resulting in my tongue touching the can less.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.31.32 PM

I’ve also done the tried and true pour into a glass method, and lo and behold the beer tasted exactly as it should too. The verdict? This is a great to format option for drinking beer. It allows those who forget to bring their growler to still pick up some of the good stuff, it improves on the previous method of growling (new verb: to fill and drink beer from a receptacle) by increasing the time one has to consume the beer, it makes growlers more portable. In short well done Moody Ales in bringing a great new format to craft beer in BC.

Smouldering Smoked Porter 4/5
Lusty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 3.5/5 (this one is subject to rise as i drank the whole crowler in one sitting (it was a big night), and i think this is more of a sipper.

They can be found for 8 bucks at Moody Ales.

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