So this is the end of the effort to blog the mystery gift in full. Why because fuck you, this is my blog “I’ll do what I want!”

I will

But actually the Beer got too damn good! Today i opened the day 22 beer and god damn it, it was Thor’s Hammer Bourbon Barrel.

not this one.

Before that was the Imperial Porter also from Central City and to boot a god damn Ugly Sweater from Parallel 49. Look i work i have a life and doing this blog meant coming home as early as possible and wolfing down a beer for a review. Thats fine when we are talking pilsner and pale ales, but i am not going to do it with Imperial Porters and Thor’s Hammer. Furthermore whats the point? You all know (or at least you should) how good those beers are. Me telling you they are good won’t change much. So I will post something about these beers (probably) in the future, but it will be on my time. I am not a slave to anyone.

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