Steel and Oak

So i finally made it over to Steal and Oak to sample some of their beer. My first impression was what a weird spot. Geographically its located next to a rising overpass directly after stop light. Moreover despite being walking distance to a pub and a longer walk from New West’s downtown area it definitely feels disconnected from the downtown which has a real character. The Tasting room is nicely appointed in what i would describe as hybrid of Moody Ales and 33 acres.

Please excuse my shitty photo.

Of course the real star of the trip, as it should be, was the beer. I sampled 4 beers all of which i enjoyed. In particular the ESB was great with a nice fruitiness. Also very enjoyable was the porter which i felt was to style and definitely would hit the spot if one is looking for a proper porter. The Red Pilsner was very interesting, clean but with a greater malt background than most pilsners. The best was the autumn dusk though. To be fair i can’t actually remember what i liked about it, and as i didn’t take any notes i’ll just go ahead and say it was mystery awesome! So go there check out the original downtown of British Columbia, and take a long walk to Steel and Oak where you won’t be disapointed!

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