#BREWardInlet Rising

One of the nicest tie bits to come out of the “Craft Beer Revolution” (I stole that term directly from Joe Wiebe, sue me Joe!)(Don’t though, lets chat over a beer first), Has been brew communities close to transit that allow for safe drinking adventures. All the most well know one’s seem to exist in Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.06.30 PM
I added coloured lines to a wonderful map created by http://www.thehoppyending.com https://thehoppyending.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/updated-vancouver-brewery-map/

In the map we can see a number of brewery neighbourhoods and crawl-able areas which i’ve highlighted. Colloquially known as “Brewery Creek” and “Yeast Van” these two area’s provide Vancouverites with the most established beer neighbourhoods. Also popping up are new areas like the one I’ve dubbed CHUGga-Choo-Choo (Because of trains and on account of me not feeling very creative). Interestingly i’ve noted a potential link area between CHUGga-Choo-Choo and Brewery Creek that could, in concert with Yeast Van, potentially create mega-plex-crawl. Of course thats a personal dream. Its also worth noting the “Brew-pub world of beer crawl” located in and around Olympic Village with the like of Steel Toad, Craft Beer Market, and Tap and Barrel create a worth while neighbourhood crawl too. In reality I’ve just rehashed old news, lots of you probably know this. Whats interesting is the Neighbourhoods all fit into a small area, and although Metro Vancouver is a dense area a majority of residents don’t live here. This is why what’s happening in Port Moody is VERY COOL!

Port Moody is a small oceanside suburb of Vancouver, part of the greater tri-cities and of course Metro Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.31.09 PM
Its the red bit, Duh.

With the extension of the Evergreen line into Coquitlam, Port Moody will soon enjoy a direct link to Down Town Vancouver, and all those near transit will enjoy a direct link to BREWard Inlet! Whats that? Its the first concentration of 3+ breweries outside of Vancouver (Sorry north van, and your twins of Black Kettle+Green Leaf, and Bridge+Deep Cove, but thats just 2 and no transit). Some of you maybe say 3 there’s only 2! ( http://www.moodyales.com & http://www.yellowdogbeer.com) well hold up just a minute cause i have done some sleuthing.

Check it out, right through Port Moody and down to Vancouver via Lougheed Station!

Twin Sails Brewery Will be the third brewery on a two block flat stretch in Port Moody! How do i know this? well, like i said I’m a sleuth:

Im basically CSIS
Im basically CSIS.

With Twin Sails breaking ground in the new year and hoping to be ready for spring we could very easily see a Brewery Neighborhood like this is Port Moody by Summer:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.56.33 PM

If you take notice of google’s distance finding skills you will not that the total distance between all 3 breweries in less than 500 meters, that gives even Yeast Van and Brewery Creek a run for its money. Furthermore With Yellow Dog recently having won best in show for their smoked Porter at the BC beer awards there is good reason to check it out too. Finally whilst in BREWard Inlet you’ll note you are within steps of the ocean and a beautiful park, and both Yellow Dog and Moody have picnic areas to take in the outdoors. The Revolution is changing and its taking over the ‘burbs.

EDIT- word on the street ( twitter: https://twitter.com/carnellsitka/status/547635019489890304 ) is that there could be two more breweries and a distillery, for a total of 5 breweries and 1 distillery all on the same street! Heady time in #BREWardInlet.

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