Well its Xmas and if your Xmas is anything like mine you are attempting to make sure your cat doesn’t OD on Cat Nip.

He could die!

Actually that’s probably less likely. What we do likely have in common since you frequent a beer blog, is planning your grog for the night. So here’s what I’m drinking and why:

I’ll start by sharing the Gratzer seasonal beer from Moody Ales. This Is a light pale beer with a smokiness thats almost sweet on the pallet. This beer is good to start with as it isn’t overly complexed but has rewarding unfamiliar flavour to most. Remember the first lambic you had? This is a similar experience if not slightly more accessible.

Ill probably have the Imperial Porter from Central City following that. I got this one in my Mystery Gift Pack and i’m excited to enjoy it. The contrast between the paler cleaner tasting gratzer i feel will be welcome, and shit, it supposed to be cold so i deserve a warmer!

At this point it should be about dinner time. For that i have a bottle of Glassbender Farmhouse Saison from Craig Noble at Postmark brewing. This is Craig’s personal brand that is brewed out of Postmark yet remains separate. I had the pleasure of talking with Craig extensively as i actually labelled the whole first run of this beer (Yes, i got the mistake bottle). This beer is a product of Craig’s passion for beer and is a subject of his film “Craft” ( http://www.craftbeermovie.com ). This beer is unlike many Farmhouse beers i’ve had before in that its carbonation gives it an incredible bite. Drinking this beer is an experience! Craig would be able to tell you all the intended food pairings for this beer, unfortunately i don’t have that depth of experience. In any case i’ve been waiting for a while to enjoy this one.

Dessert time, I think at this point its time to enjoy Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine, Bourbon Barrel. There is not much i can say about this beer that hasn’t been said. Like its name sake Thor’s Hammer sits in the Pantheon of Godly BC beers, and should you have the chance, drink it.

By the end of the night hopefully all who remain are the family you actually like. This is the time of the night where you can let your hair down and stop being as pretentious about beer. For many this means cracking a GIB winter ale. Most nights i would too, but tonight I’m taking on Whistler’s Dunkel a beer I like despite beer gets occasional disdain for the brewery itself. This is the Terry’s chocolate orange of winter beers and that’s ok i like chocolate oranges, i also like fine swiss chocolate but its a free country and we can like what we want.




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