Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA

Here’s a nasty confession, I originally wasn’t crazy for Yellow Dog’s IPA. What you say? That beer is critically acclaimed by the likes of Barley Mowat! Yes, yes it is, but despite that i was underwhelmed. Regardless, whenever I went to a local pub and heard it was on tap I ordered it. Whenever I went to the tasting room i ordered it too, strange. But then came winter and i like to drink seasonally so i was on to darker beers. The other day I was coming home from work and decided to stop by the brewery for a fill. I’d been drinking the Smoked Porter a lot lately so I thought a change might be in the cards and lo and behold i picked the IPA despite being a self-described Pale Ale lover. I got it home and WOW! Why was i all of a sudden so impressed by this beer? Because it’s so god damn well done it just sneaks up on you! Here’s a better explanation. With the craft beer revolution (JOE WIEBE!) came an explosion of IPA’s it’s the beer of the revolution, that’s fine its just not my favourite style. It seemed with every new brewery opening came a NEW SUPER HOPPY-BITTER BREW.  These beers are usually packed with flavour and most of the time are pretty good but alas they are not my cup of tea. This is what i was expecting from Yellow Dog and their IPA, but what i got was just an extremely well-balanced and palatable beer.

sorry for the crap picture

It pours a beautiful copper tone with a white head. A Tropical fruit scent emanates from the glass before flowing into a quiet sweet maltiness before Piney-Citrus flavour takes over. The big take away here for me though is despite its holiness and bitterness the beer does not shatter my palate with bitterness and rather invites another taste. I’m actually stoked to have had this beer again and it is currently my new favourite IPA.

Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA- 4.5/5

2 thoughts on “Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA

  1. mikescraftbeer December 31, 2014 / 2:11 am

    I actually find Vancouver lacking in good IPA’s and especially in Double IPA’S. Most big craft beer hotspots especially in the USA have amazing IPA’S and lots of different styles and types. Most breweries have multiple ones at one time. Look at Stone Brewing it has an amazing lineup of IPA. We have good ones here but are lacking in quantity.


    • cturton December 31, 2014 / 2:38 am

      A lot of times i find its just a pissing contest of IPA’s, but you are right the USA does IPA right!


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