Old Yale Brewing Co. Sasquatch Stout

My photos are terrible.

Old Yale Brewing Co. from Chilliwack, no seriously Chilliwack. This brewery has been around for a while but has recently made efforts to renew their brand shall we say? yes i shall; and its efforts have been paying off in the form of Sasquatch Stout. Old Yale’s heavy hitter recently won the Canadian Brewing Awards beer of the Year (2014) Sasquatch Stout. She pours an opaque black that doesn’t get any lighter when held to a light (unlike say Guinness which actually is dark red) with a burnt sugar coloured head. The aroma is of roasted malts. The nose is sweet and flows into roasted malt flavour before becoming more similar to coffee as it lingers. This beer is true to form (and that is likely why it won beer of the year, See Barley Mowat’s article for a better explanation). It is delicious and doesn’t put a step wrong but its not my beer of the year. Regardless when looking for a good stout this would be near the top of my list!

Old Yale Brewing Co. Sasquatch Stout. 4/5

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