Strange Fellows Brewery

So on a cool rainy day I trekked out to Vancouver’s newest brewery (wait has anything else opened this week?). Unlike some breweries this opening snuck up on me. While i happily awaited the opening of others like Moody Ales, Brassneck and even Steal Toad, i sadly almost forgot about those Strange Fellows opening a brewery, I shouldn’t have. Strange Fellows tasting room is spacious and has to be up there with the best tasting rooms in all of Metro Vancouver.

this photo doesn’t do the size of the place justice, in the back you can see the gallery.

Of really cool note are large glass windows allow you to see straight into brewery.

its like the window to the new babies room in a hospital… i think i like beer babies more.

The building itself has long thin vertically orientated windows that run against the front of the building giving a cool effect.


The inside is made up of standard Vancouver fare, distressed wood, glass, and exposed steel, oh yeah and a art gallery! So how is the beer? Very Solid.

these are beers

I started with the Boris Imperial Stout which tasted of sweet malts matched by a brisk quick hoppiness that leaves you with a spicy hop and roasted flavour. An altogether very respectable imperial for a first go! Cellaring would do it well I believe. 3/5

Next i headed to my favourite of the bunch the Nocturnum C.D.A. Its in fact a lighter C.D.A. but delicious none the less. Another one with sweet malts matched against citrus almost dank hops. really quite enjoyable and when i left i did so with a fill of this! 4/5

After this i headed over to the Familiar brown ale. Unfortunately this one missed the mark in my opinion. Malt heavy yet still underpowered, matched with even more underpowered hops. 1.5/5

Finally my Box of Strange lead me to the Talisman west coast style ale. This is a great standby i’d drink again. Its not a world shatterer but well done to style in any case. Subdued pale malts against fruity hops in a nice partnership. 3.5/5

Strange fellows has some really great beers to start with, and as they continue to grow I’m confident we will see some real stars. Furthermore we are beginning to see the start of another beerea (get it? Beer+Area=Beerea) when considering Bomber is near by.

6 thoughts on “Strange Fellows Brewery

  1. mikescraftbeer January 6, 2015 / 4:07 am

    Guess you don’t follow me that closely lol. I have posted about their construction and opening the last 6ish months. Good guys to be sure!


  2. cturton January 6, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    Its funny, i actually did. I just kept getting them confused with “Off the rail” for some reason.


    • mikescraftbeer January 6, 2015 / 6:50 pm

      Now there is a brewery that is off my radar. I know the name and location and that is it.


      • cturton January 6, 2015 / 6:53 pm

        I believe its owned by a former or current owner of the the Railway club. I wonder if they have a twitter handle yet? we could press them for info!


      • mikescraftbeer January 7, 2015 / 1:30 am

        I have been meaning to but am just way to busy personally right now.


      • cturton January 7, 2015 / 8:19 am

        I’m looking into them currently.


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