My First Home Brew Club Meeting

If you read this blog at all closely you will notice several things. I enjoy beer, i give special attention to the Tri-City area of Vancouver because its where I live, and i care less about spelling and punctuation than i really should (I already graduated, they can’t take my degree back… can they?). What you may not know is i also enjoy making beer. I wouldn’t call myself an expert nor do I make great beer on every attempt. I understand the general science but tend to nod off once people get into the biology of it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 2.43.16 PM
Water Content? I just use the hose.

Much like this blog I sort of give up on the minutia (would you believe i spelled that word right on the first try? i even looked it up to make sure!) So when I do make something good its more of a happy accident than a purposeful effort. The thing is, I kind of want to make good beer all the time, so after being aware of the local beer club for a few months i finally got around to attending a meeting.

So i wandered down to Beyond the Grape with a brewing friend of mine and a growler of my least terrible beer made in months. Something I call “Adult Joke Dark Wit” a dark wit fermented with an abbey yeast. In short it was a great experience. Most people had brought some home-brew or something delicious (the Half Pints Burley Wine was great!), which we sipped and talked about. I can say honestly that I didn’t have a bad Home Brew last night, and that i would choose most of them ahead of many craft beers available. Highlights included a wet hopped ale, a dry-hopped cider, a Baltic Vanilla Porter, a Scotch Ale, and even a Sour. The discussion was just as good as the beer and for the most part i just tried to glean some of the more technical and finer points of brewing knowledge espoused by the members. What was really encouraging was the real effort made by the club to create a community through group buys (who does’t like cheaper hobby supplies), group brews, competitions, and outreach to the greater civic community. In a society where many feel like we are growing away from our fellow (wo)man clubs like this provide an opportunity to comes together and drink awesome beer!

So, if you like beer and are considering or are already brewing check out a club, if it’s anything like the Tri-City Brew Club you’ll be glad you attended.

2 thoughts on “My First Home Brew Club Meeting

  1. Mattman69 January 10, 2015 / 1:05 am

    nice article is I omit the minutia. Keep up the English skills thoug, it looks good on you and will make your mom happy. 🎓


  2. Mattman69 January 10, 2015 / 1:05 am

    Ah, speaking which, where’s my spell checker?


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