Black Kettle Brewery

If you read very closely you’ll notice some Punk Rock references in this blog, like this one right here:

(Click it, its modern Punk Rock) But Punk Rock has always been about more than simply music, Punk Rock is an ideal, its about looking out at whats around you and saying “hey, this isn’t good.” More Importantly Punk Rock is saying “Hey, this isn’t good and I’m gonna live purposely and differently.” Personally i don’t think there is a better way to describe the “Craft Beer Revolution” than punk rock (Come at me Mr. Wiebe, no don’t lets be friends.). Brewers all over this Province said “Hey, this beer isn’t good…”, “…I’m gonna make better beer.” and lo, they did, and it was good. Notice how i emphasize the “Lets make good beer”, and not “Lets sell good beer”? I know, I know everyone needs to make their dime, but go to Storm Brewing and answer me “what is the point of their brewery?” If the answer isn’t to make good beer, i quit. I will admit all breweries do want to make money, but i’d like to believe they want to make money so they can keep making beer. So where am I going here with 200 words written despite not one concerning the brewery of the title? Well as with all revolutions sometimes the revolutionaries sell out.

“Dude! check out my sick “Sans Culottes” get them now at Wal-mart for $9.93.” Said Robespierre. (this is how i justify my degree in history)

I think we can say some of the new breweries out there might have eyes on making it big. I don’t begrudge them that, they still usually make great beer, but there not half as cool as punk rock. So here’s the DROP! Black Kettle is Punk Rock! Everything in this brewery serves a purpose, Fermenting tanks ferment, Brite tanks carb, seats hold tired asses, tall tables allow leaning, repurposed pallet sells beer, beer tastes delicious, repurposed framed building plans evoke pleasure akin to art. Everything that is needed is here, everything that is not is, well, not. For example I saw 3 employees whilst at the brewery, all of them worked the back, the room, and the non-commercial growler machine. Hmmm seems like an example of a society devoid of social stratification to me… and isn’t that what we are all looking for out of a revolution? That said the tasting room wasn’t spartan but it was functional, a nice tv played the games and the nice staff gave me nice beers. Oh how were the beers? SO GOOD I DECIDED NOT TO SIMPLY REVIEW A SINGLE ONE BUT WRITE A LONGER ARTICLE ON THE BREWERY ITSELF CAPITAL LETTERS TO INCREASE EMPHASIS.

Oatmeal Stout, and the IPA.

Pale Ale- Has a maltier backbone than most of the west coast pale ales we usually which in my opinion is a great change of pace 3.5/5 Oatmeal Stout- This bad boy may be the best stout i’ve had in ages, Notes of toffee and burnt sugar with some roastiness hiding in among it, finished well with a hint of bitterness. 4.5/5 IPA- Citrus and spice, yes a little spice, abound in this IPA which i find deliciously hoppy! 3.5/5 So there it is Punk Rock Beer!

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