My First Beer Pairing Dinner

First of all no pictures, I enjoyed the food too much. That said what an experience! This dinner by beerazi standards was entry-level, a chain pub making use of Parallel 49’s wide catalogue. But despite being devoid of Four Winds Nectarous or Old Cellar dweller (both of which I had this past week and both of which were delicious) it was still an eye opener. A roommate works at the pub in question and asked if I was interested in going. Considering the reasonable price of the ticket and the fact that it fit my schedule I thought “why not?” As we sat down we were greeted by a sleeve of Salty Scot which still surprises me in that the apparent salt flavour works with the beer rather than hinders it. This was a nice touch, most people were coming off work and its nice to unwind with a glass. The starter was a sweet butternut Squash soup paired with gypsy tears. Now let me stop here and say I didn’t expect anything. I was ready to enjoy good beer, and good dinner, I didn’t think I had the palate to see how these things paired, but I was very wrong. First of all the gypsy tears i had this night was far and away better than i had out of the mystery case. The sweetness of the malt was more apparent when sipping the sweet soup, together they emphasized the common flavours. Next was a beat salad with goat cheese couli (sp?) paired with hopparrazzi. This one didn’t fit as well but was nice none the less. The salad which was crisp mirrored the crispness of the lager back bone of hopparazzi which was interesting. From here we hit the more substantial plates, a delicious salmon strip with a brown sugar mustard sauce. This went with Toques of Hazard, my favourite Parallel 49 beer, and together… well… you know what? i simply don’t have the ability to explain but it was genuinely awesome experience. The last course before dessert was braised lamb paired with East Van Lager… East Van lager? Yea kinda weak I know. The food in this case was great and the beer did cleanse the pallet well… but… it wasn’t as good as the past courses. Finally desert, a salted caramel cheesecake paired with Salty Scot. This was on point! I don’t really enjoy cheesecake but the salt had the effect of balancing the sweetness and made it so much better. Wow this was such a great experience that I can’t wait to find my next pairing dinner and I recommend it to anyone considering it.

5 thoughts on “My First Beer Pairing Dinner

  1. Scott Misfeldt January 28, 2015 / 11:17 pm

    What pub offers up such crazy goodness on a plate and in a glass?


    • cturton January 28, 2015 / 11:21 pm

      Town hall coquitlam 35 bucks!


  2. mikescraftbeer January 28, 2015 / 11:57 pm

    Beer dinners are always A ton of fun. The JRG group pubs do a pretty good job supporting craft beer in the Valley. I have yet to do a beer dinner with them but their food is usually quite tasty. Next time remember to photograph the food and beer. The only thing I found odd was to serve Salty Scott twice. I wonder why they chose to do that?


    • cturton January 29, 2015 / 12:09 am

      Well the first one was a drink before food, but i thought it was a bit weird too.


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