What Craft Beer Bars Should Be Like-According to Me

Whereas Craft Beer Bars have been a thing for years in the city, they have only recently started to take hold in the suburbs where I live. More often than not suburban dives have simply added another 5-10 taps with craft and claimed to be part of craftom. Thats fine with me, but what is also starting to happen is full on redesigns closing for months and starting from anew. Well if you are going to do that i have some basic demands!

Demand 1

You Must Have Local Craft before any Other Craft.

Craft beer bars in the city can get away with this because there are 5 different breweries within cycling distance, but out in the ‘burbs you have one maybe 2, tops 3, and god dammit if you don’t have at minimum at least 1 staple beer from that (or those) brewery(ies), and 1 seasonal you will be dropping the ball, and I won’t be dropping any as much money.

Note: after chatting briefly with mike of mikes craft beer I want to make it clear I also want to see out of region stuff from my local suburban craft pub, But priority one is a local option… then priority two is getting the good out of town stuff/

Demand 2

You Must Have Reasonably Priced Decent Food.

Look the star here is the beer, not some korean-kosher fusion. Make simple food well and I’ll be happy! Poutine, Burgers, steak, some traditional british food like gammon steak would be good too. But here’s the kicker… PRICE IT REASONABLY! I come to spend money on beer, and ill continue to sit and buy beer longer if you have reasonably priced food. If you decide to get elitist and add truffle to that poutine and make it 20 dollars I’m going to stop buying and go home… Fact.

Note: a great example here is the alibi room menu, short, to the point, well produced and well priced.

Demand 3

Have an up-to-date Beer Menu and Post it Online.

Heres a thing that happens all too often these days, wine lists online… no beer list. If you consider yourself a purveyor of craft beer tell me what you have.

Demand 4


I don’t go to bars to drink from cans or bottles… I can do that anywhere anytime. I go to bars for draught, because I like to pretend its special, it isn’t really but i like to pretend. So if I’m spending 7 bucks a beer it sure as shit must come from a pipe.

Demand 5

All Taps Must Rotate

If you want regular customers (you do) you need to keep me interested. To keep me interested you need to change your beer’s regularly, sure keep steady accounts with breweries but change the beer, cause i can only enjoy a good brown ale so many time before my tongue begins to wander.

Abide by these simple demands and i will patronize your establishment, deal? DEAL!

3 thoughts on “What Craft Beer Bars Should Be Like-According to Me

  1. mikescraftbeer February 3, 2015 / 4:31 am

    That’s really funny because for me living in Vancouver part of this is seriously different. For me there still has to be great food and rotating taps but the kicker is that there must be out of town taps. I can get local any time I want. I want strange taps. Shit I have never heard of. The reason I fell in love with the Alibi Room and St Augustines was exactly that. Now that they seem to support only local I never go. I would rather just pick the beer up from the brewery.


    • cturton February 3, 2015 / 6:12 am

      i dont’t disagree at all but if I’m going out to delta any self respecting pub must have at least one 4 winds brew on the menu, New west must have at least one Steel and Oak. I have to say most of the suburban pubs i have been to are pretty good about having the out of town stuff like break side, elysian dragon tooth, a quebecois sour, (all beers I’ve sampled in the tri-cities of late) but where they often fall short is local funny enough. I think there is a bit of suburban-urban dichotomy.


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