Howe Sound Rail Ale Nut Brown

For a while there (circa 2008-2010), when craft beer was just turning on the jets and getting ready for take off in BC Howe Sound was my favourite brewery going. I still remember the first time I picked up a bailout bitter.

Remember the heady days of 2008 when bail outs abounded?

I don’t remember how it tasted but I do remember thinking “What a weird bottle.” But what really put me on the search for delicious beer was trying a Mega Destroyer (which i will write about in the future). Drinking Mega Destroyer in the Alibi room  was an experience! “These flavours, all these flavours! they’re hard to discern but I think they’re good! Yeah they’re really good!” Reminiscing aside a genuinely like Howe Sound Brewing and like to try whatever they offer. The Rail Ale is not new but a classic and it tastes like a classic. From the pour a rich smell of toffee emanates, as the glass fills with a nutty brown colour (I hate when the name is so descriptive). On the nose there is a toffee sweetness that lingers before giving way to hints of roasted nut flavour. This beer has a great smooth nut flavour. Buying a Howe Sound Beer sometimes feels like an investment at the 12-14 buck mark, and as such i often go to the new or sexy bottle of a big stout or hemp ale, but this nut brown should not be ignored and should be tried.

Howe Sound Rail Ale Nut Brown- 3.75/5

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