Green Leaf Burning Rock Ale

Rocks? Beer? No way! How the hell do these two go together? Very well evidently. Green Leaf has created a style that I was totally unaware of with their burning rock ale.





wait, well it is a burning rock.

The Beer is achieved by throwing “hot granite stones into the kettle”. The beer itself is a darkened burnt colour. It has a sweet flavour bookended by a subtle smokiness. I wonder if the effect of the hot granite stones caramelizes some of the barley’s sugars giving it the crisp sweetness. The hops though not apparent do balance the beer so it is not overly sweet. Another Beer that though not ground breaking is a delicious beer that i would happily order with a nice pub lunch. Green Leaf Burning Rock Ale- 3.5/5

One thought on “Green Leaf Burning Rock Ale

  1. mikescraftbeer February 13, 2015 / 5:52 am

    I had one of the first batch of this beer last year and really liked it. I looked at it as a session barleywine as it seemed to have many of the correct notes with just a lower alcohol content.


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