Pats Pub and Brewhouse Lager

There are many craft breweries and brew pubs in the city of Vancouver, and they all seem to get their fair share of publicity… except one. Pats Pub and Brewhouse seems to be forgotten amongst the stand outs but it shouldn’t be. Sure its in an unsightly part of town (depending on who you speak to). But i have literally never heard of any of their beers, in a beer loving City like Vancouver this is a travesty. As I know work in the Downtown Eastside, I decided enough was enough and checked the place out.

Le Brasserie de muy posh, count ’em three languages there!

I walked in the side doors and was immediately greeted by an open dark and brick bar. No this was no longer a Hastings dive bar, but it was a weekends renovations away from one. Don’t get me wrong I love a good “dive” but this bar is simply one rung above dive status and that’s fine too.

Not pictured: brick walls adorned with Mickey’s malt liquor neon signs, and old age pensioner feeding quarters into the pull tab machine.

I quickly looked for the available beers, it was quite a good selection of local craft, but wait what about the pub’s own beers? I read the menu sign again and saw it “Pats Pub Lager”. LAGER AW MAN! They make one craft beer and its lager. With sadness in my palate I ordered one. I was happily surprised to learn a real pint was $5.50. As I turned around to find a seat I found the brew house.

the boy who lives under the stairs… and brews.

There tucked between two toilets in what was obviously a former closet was the brew house. It was small but functional and probably did exactly what it was intended to do… create large profit margins on a high selling beer. So was the beer good… YES!

The menu’s put on no airs… FOOD!

The beer is a couple of shades darker than most Lagers which makes sense as it has a heavier malt body than most lagers. The beer really fills your mouth and feels substantial in a good way, in contrast to macro lagers the taste as light as water sometimes. Finally like any good lager, it finished cleanly. This is my new favourite Lager, not that I love lagers, but if I had to drink a Lager this would be the one.

Pats Pub and Brewhouse Lager- 4/5

3 thoughts on “Pats Pub and Brewhouse Lager

  1. mikescraftbeer February 16, 2015 / 5:09 am

    Maybe one day I will head over to check it out. Due to location and lager I won’t rush there. Good on you for showing them some love though.


    • cturton February 16, 2015 / 5:54 am

      I’m thoroughly impressed with their lager, they might be a little more ale-ly but i think its great.


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