Brew Street Craft – Kitchen First Impressions

A new craft beer bar has entered the arena and its fighting out of the ‘burbs, with a claimed tap list of 50 beers!

First Impressions

SO GOOD… Wow thats a lot of beers! Its a nice selection of local Vancouver Beers to boot with very few macro offerings. Highlights include BC beer awards best in show Yellow Dog “Shake a Paw Smoked Porter”, Four Winds Wildflower Saison, and Canadian Beer awards Beer of the year Old Yale Sasquatch Stout.

Not so good… NOT 50 BEERS! by my count there are 45 of which some are ciders, and no prices or serving sizes. Most importantly there are very few hard to get beers here. Nothing jumps out at me here, are any of these seasonals? With 50 taps it would be nice to see belgians, doubles, triples, quads, imperials, barrel aged… anything that i couldn’t normally get at the liquor store or my other local.

In any case lets give them time, this is only the opening weekend and i’m sure much will change in the coming weeks.

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