Moody Ales Guest Tap- Roxy’s Put on the Red Light Honey Red Ale

Moody Ale’s has a great program currently where they guest tap a local brewers beer brewed on their system. The current one is brewed by staff member Roxy and its well done. Honey is tough to work with as its high sugar content is quickly and easily fermented by any active yeast. Often times brewers are left with no honey flavour as the yeast has eaten it all, or in contrast, an overly sweet ale that is tough to drink. Roxy has hit the “sweet” spot with this one beating out any other honey ale I can think of. Although the beer starts sweet it is perfectly matched by the bittering hops which Roxy tells me are Cascade and Willamette. For a beer that plays with sweet and bitter flavours which can easily outmatch each other this beer is as perfectly balanced as one could ask for. Clearly I’m having trouble articulating it so your best bet is to get down to Moody before its all gone, although I’m told all that remains is a portion of a single keg so get a move on.

Roxy’s Put on the Red Light Honey Red Ale- 4.5/5

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