My first Portland beer in Portland in months! The nice thing about this beer is i bought it for less than 3 dollars at a 7 eleven… MURICA! IN any case I didn’t have a chance to pour it into a glass so I won’t go into appearance or aroma. Or i could but then i’d just say it looked like a snow yeti and smelled of aluminum. The taste of the beer was more traditional though. Its in line with most malt forward winter ales but unlike most winter ales it finishes with a blast of bitterness… different yes, but the bitterness could be more nuanced in my opinion.

HUB ABOMINABLE Winter ale- 3/5

One thought on “HUB ABOMINABLE Winter ale

  1. mikescraftbeer February 25, 2015 / 5:39 pm

    That is a great aroma and appearance description lol. I still always laugh when macro drinkers complain beer in cans taste metallic. No shit you are practically licking aluminum.


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