Pyramid Breweries Shonz Red Session Ale

Yea I know, Pyramid isn’t exactly a Portland specific brewery and some would argue its Craft Credentials, but to them I say: “But look the label has a Portland Trailblazer’s logo!” This was another sub 3 dollar gas station buy which is fuckin’ awesome. So how was it? The label describes it as a session red ale. In reality it is red in colour but nearly tasteless. This beer is supremely underpowered, not an offensive taste but rather no taste at all. However given that it is being marketed to basketball fans and thus a large swath of people (beer geeks, craft-o-phobes and all in between) its not surprising.

Pyramid Breweries Shonz Red Session Ale- 1/5

One thought on “Pyramid Breweries Shonz Red Session Ale

  1. mikescraftbeer March 3, 2015 / 6:52 am

    I have been to their brewery in the stadium district of Seattle and been pretty happy with what they produce. This beer sounds awful though.


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