The Break Side Brewery- Portland

BREAK SIDE! this was one of the major reasons I wanted to go to Portland! Ever since trying Wanderlust, (thanks to a Tri-City Brew Club member) I’ve known that i had to visit.

This is delicious, THIS IS PORTLAND!

I didn’t do a lot of research before going to this brewery, I simply decided to go to Portland and go to this brewery. The plan was to hit the brewery before leaving Portland and heading home. When I finally punched in the address and looked at the map i was a little shocked.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.16.19 PM

It wasn’t downtown… IT WASNT DOWNTOWN AT ALL! Even so, it wasn’t far. So I went, and I drove, I drove down a main street all normal. Where it got weird was that right turn on the map because following that right turn was a lot of houses. This brewery is in a fairly residential area… weird. But then i thought cool!

Another poor picture on this blog, who would’ve guessed?

How rad would it be too walk the dog (in my case cat) and come upon the brewery among the Little Boxes? So COOL! I think I’m done gushing… ONTO THE BEER! Because of the breadth of beer i just have the cliff notes versions, but there were some amazing beers here.

VanCity do 4 Portlandia do 6!

So from the top of the above list and left-to-right on the beer glasses:

Pilsner-dry, clean, nice malt body, to style 3/5

Dry Irish Stout-bites as its a dry stout then gets roast but a bit too light for my tastes, in their defence they cal it light 2.5/5

IPA- WOW Quite possibly the best IPA i have ever had! i got pineapple off it and it gave me an idea for a fun home brew! 5/5.

I chose not to rate these as my palate was wearing:

Cedarbaumbier-I believe this beer was secondaries with cedar and its apparent in the flavour, with a woody oaken like taste only slightly sweeter.

Tropicalia Saison- Brewed with peruvian peppers this is something else! Unfortunately the peppers were so strong i didn’t get any saison out of this saison.

I can’t comment on the Safeword as the tropicalia burned out my palate, but if you get a chance get lost among the little boxes (this is a reference to the rejection of suburbia and conformity BTW) and have some weird beer!

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