Dark Star Hop Head IPA- England

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 10.55.02 AM

Beers from the West Coast & the UK are inherently different, a product of environment and I dare say a consequence of terroir! This might be the best example here. A beer called a “Hop Head” on the west coast would evoke images of a beer that was 80+ IBUs and 6%+ ABV. But Alas this beer is not that!

“This is IPA” “THIS IS ONLY 3.8%”

This Beer is 3.8% and totally session-able. A very clean malt profile is matched by a(one of my go to terms) “hoppy-not-bitter” taste. Of course hoppy doesn’t really explain it. Hops listed include Cascade which are apparent although not in the super citrusy way a north american might expect. The cascade hop profile is more apparent when thinking about the floral aspects of the hop. So what it this beer? A nice clean ale with a floral hoppy flavour that is easy to session.

Dark Star Hop Head IPA- 4/5

Fun aside: I am told Tariq Khan of Big Ridge fame started out with this brewery!

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