Olbernhauer Bock Beer Dunkel


Germany has traditionally been ruled by regional styles but with the advent of globalization, and thus global markets that has changed slightly. Pilsner and Lagers reign supreme, and are often done supremely well but regional styles still exist. Dunkel and bock are among those regional styles Im not currently in a Bock or and dunkel region so what i’m drinking is more likely a macro equivalent. Although i’ve had several delicious German beers tonight this is unfortunately the first i remembered to review. Despite being a dunked or a dark beer this beer tastes some what underpowered. It tastes of a heavy watered clean pilsner with a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste, although i did just have a mars bar so i might be tasting that. In short i’d take a North American Dunkel over this, but i’m sure there is better to follow.

Olbernhauer Bock Beer Dunkel- 2.5/5

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