The Meantime Brewery

So among the wonderful human constructions that exist within our western society such as the gregorian calendar, and our conception of a year (solar or lunar or something else entirely), is the longitudinal lines. The beginning of these lines exist as a remnant of British hegemony over the world, appearing in neighbourhood of Greenwich giving birth to the phrase Greenwich meantime. As much a human construction as Greenwich Mean Time is the Mean Time Brewery itself. This brewery more than any other I have visited in Europe positions itself as North American Brewery. The brewery is actually split into two with a smaller brew-pub-ish brew pub in the Old Royal Naval College, Itself in a beautiful Park. Rather than take pictures I took it all in so I apologize but suffice to say the experience was sublime. In addition to the Royal Naval College there is the larger production brewery in a more industrial part of Greenwich which houses a proper north american style tasting room. Once again I didn’t take pictures but it was absolutely up to snuff. Of course the beers are where it was at and although i don’t want to give rating as I didn’t take proper notes I was very much impressed and believe this brewery will match the tastes of North American’s more so than any others i have written about.

The London Pale Ale was the closest to a English Pale Ale with malts clearly not two row and more than likely Maris Otter. The beer like many english ales is floral.

The London Stout is very rich and roast and has a great mouthfeel, if Guinness is the bar the meantime raises it ten fold.

The Yakima Red is a delicious beer making use of american hops from the yakima valley! This beer has the hop profile of a american pale ale on the base of  red ale giving it a great nuance.

The fact is I enjoyed this place so much I’m going to attempt to buy a t-shirt on my last day in London.

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