Brews Brothers P49 & Yellow Dog Hound Dog Belgian IPA

The first brew of the Brews Brothers pack comes straight from my local… Yellow Dog. If Yellow Dog is proof of anything its that cool people often make cool beer, and its not surprising considering their Brew Master Liam (before he was winning best in show at the BC beer awards) was working with fellow cool person Greame With (i know spelled that wrong) Brew Master at Parallel 49. Multiply these cool people as Cool Person x Cool Person + Brewing Equipment = Hound Dog Belgian IPA

How is it? I find this beer maybe mores than other Belgian IPA’s plays with subtleties much like Yellow Dog’s delicious IPA. Much like the time i first had their IPA i though “oh hmm”. But then i gave it another go and found a lot of delicious flavours working in concert. The first thing i notice after initially taking the beer into my mouth is a sweet bitterness, what i mean by this is the bitterness flows, its part of the beer but not the focus, it leads into more when given the time to consider it. The bitterness is quite tropical in fact and works with that classic belgian funk so notable in belgian beers, again this is subtle and could be missed. Finally i get a crisp fleeting spiciness sometimes associated with Belgians. Together these flavours work together so nonchalantly that a novice might miss them (or me 6 beers deep), but when someone takes the time to really taste the efforts of the brewers really come through. In the end its not mind blowing but rather is exceedingly well executed.

Brews Brothers P49 & Yellow Dog Hound Dog Belgian IPA- 4/5

P.S. Im linking this series to the Mystery Gift tab so you can follow there

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