Vancouver is Awesome, but Vancouver is Awesome is not so Awesome, nor is it’s beer.

Vancouver is Awesome is a blog. In some ways its a really interesting blog with articles on happenings and going ons, topical subjects and even some interesting cool stuff on city planning. In some ways it kinda sucks. One of the ways it totally sucks is the way it comes off as a mouth piece for developers, such as the piece regarding the coming river district. Maybe its the little marxist inside me or maybe its just the jaded wisdom of knowing things are almost never absolutely good and subjects that are brought forth as such are usually not trustworthy.

Little Marx smokes a cigar and has a badass moustache.

More thematically relevant to this blog is how Vancouver is Awesome presents beer. Poorly, no not “pourly”. I get pourly on weekends when I drink beer. But Vancouver is awesome in my opinion does a bad job at beer. Take a look at this article where they consider beer’s on stumps, i prefer beer in a glass or bottle but i digress. In any case has anyone else noticed that “PACKAGING/BRANDING/STORY” is worth half the fucking score? I mean honestly HALF? I could serve this guy fermented grey water and as long as the bottle is pretty and i explain that it was inspired by the idea of recycling but in a human scale it could still get a passing score? What a joke! I like to argue the Neo-Liberalism is really entrenched in our society and here is an awesome example of how. In this case we have a writer getting all meta about marketing and critically looking at how well the beer’s packaging tricked him into liking the beer. Think about it, Packaging branding and story is what is specifically intended to make you buy the beer outside of the beer itself, it is the anti-thesis of the craft ideal. Despite that we have this knob suggesting it is somehow important.

But who am I if not someone who endeavours to consider how others might feel? So now that VIA has launched their own beer I’ll review it on “PACKAGING/BRANDING/STORY” alone. I won’t link to the picture cause I for some reason feel like that could get me in trouble (in spite of everything else i’ve written that some people may allege is slanderous), but rest assured if one googles “Vancouver is awesome beer” you’ll find it.

So deep red square label with Vancouver coat of arms off centre, beneath it in VIA font “AWESOME SESSION ALE”. Seriously that’s it? You trumpet awesomeness and then come up with something an 8 year old could slap together in 15 minutes on kid Pix?


Well Awesome Session ale you get a 1/10 which is really too bad because i honestly believe Craig Noble could make a great North West session ale… guess I’ll just have to write another article where i actually rate beer on you know… its merit.

3 thoughts on “Vancouver is Awesome, but Vancouver is Awesome is not so Awesome, nor is it’s beer.

  1. mikescraftbeer August 18, 2015 / 5:51 am

    Well I have determined through twitter that the Vancouver Is Awesome group is ignorant of beer and overall ass holes. Hope noone actually listens to them for beer advice.


      • mikescraftbeer August 18, 2015 / 6:13 am

        With dick head come backs like “thanks, best of luck with your hobby blog” I see where the head space is with this group. I say good luck with your awful website. Haha. What a clueless person when it comes to what craft beer drinkers want. We are not Macro drinkers with blinders on that only run to stupid brands with most interesting men in the world or half naked women.

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