This Blog in Physical Print? Maybe, Here’s a sneak peak.

 The Student Pub at university. It evokes images of academics discussing the merits of the Doha Round of the WTO meetings over a snifter of brandy… then again it also evokes images of grown men and women scantily clad in neon drinking yellow corn based adjunct-lagers straight from plastic pitchers. If you think your evening is more likely to resemble the latter lets at least up your beer game, so when you inevitably e-mail your prof with a reason for missing lecture you can justify your hangover with the smug self righteousness that it was caused by seven artfully produced ales hand crafted by a bearded man in East Van. Luckily the Highland Pub has a selection of craft ales to numb the self-loathing after you fail to make your Friday night 4pm tutorial for the fifth time. Heads up, you don’t have to be self-loathing to drink these beers, you could just be, hypothetically, thirsty.

More to come… potentially in print.

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