Craft Education Sneak Peak


I write a print article nearly every week for the The Peak newspaper and post a sneak peak here, enjoy:

So the Highland Pub has some good craft beer but that doesn’t mean you quest for craft should stop there! Here are the 3 best Craft Beer Bars within a reasonable distance of each campus.

Burnaby- Right the Highland cheap food good beer great option! But it’s not open on weekends so where does this leave you? The Hop and Vine pub. Located on the south slope of the mountain in a strip mall with a creepy tiny grocery store straight outta 1986, you’ll find this pub nestled in among a residential community! The Hop and Vine have helped cultivate the craft beer industry by providing itself as a venue for many an event and beer pairing dinner and its ever-changing tap list should be respected for a suburban Pub…

Must Drink- Moody Ales Affable IPA or Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA two of the most local, and best IPAs going.

1601 burnwood drive. Burnaby

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