Ridge Brewing- COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY, but actually though Community.w

*NOTE I’m going to mention COMMUNITY several times in this article get ready.*

my phone camera doesn’t work anymore so you get stock images

I recently visited the nearby COMMUNITY of Maple Ridge to visit the brand new COMMUNITY of brewers that have opened up shop there. Of course I’m talking about Ridge Brewing and Maple Meadows Brewing.

Whilst at Ridge i was able to sit down and have real chat with both the Owner and Brew Master at Ridge that was enlightening in a really positive way. But lets nail down this brewery before we go any further. Ridge brewing has a small scale brew house nearly identical to Yellow Dog’s when it opened. Nestled in a small business park just off Dewdney near the heart of Maple Ridge this brewery has the potential to become a pillar of the COMMUNITY. In fact thats the Owner Carlos’ goal. Carlos and i spoke for about an hour discussing how a good brewery can really cultivate a strong sense of COMMUNITY, noting how small village pubs in the UK double as community centres. Carlos is actively attempting to foster such a COMMUNITY at Ridge where he was hosting one of his first Open Mic Nights. That’s right an Open Mic Night. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a music critic but it was clear that it was locals creating this great mid-week show in an outer suburb, creating culture for which there was no outlet previously, and that’s bad ass. You see COMMUNITY is something that we are at a loss for often in the city of Metro Vancouver and brewery’s often fill that vacuum through their art (beer) and art on their walls (many breweries (including Ridge) donate their wall space to up and coming artists). This is awesome, but its usually occurred organically and whilst that great its even nicer to see a brewery actively attempt to foster COMMUNITY to the extent that Ridge has, so hats off to you guys.


Carlos and his Brew Master are both from Mexico and although there isn’t a tequila lime barrelled imperial lime stout yet (actually i think i’ll claim that beer for myself) There are lots of other great beers to choose from.

Bar Stool Bitter- Classic English Session beer, thats definitely not west coast hopped but perfect for the transitioning bud drinker 3.5/5

Gringa Loca Wit Beer- A standard and solid option wit 3/5

Green Eyes Whyte IPA- A delicious west coast IPA that is one of my favourites already 4/5

Cafe Morena Brown- Arguably my favourite Browns Produced in Metro Vancouver 4.5/5


4 thoughts on “Ridge Brewing- COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY, but actually though Community.w

  1. mikescraftbeer September 25, 2015 / 2:22 am

    Haven’t been there for a while now but I was quite impressed with the space and the owner and brewmaster were great. I also liked the beer. I need to get back out there again one of these days.


    • cturton September 25, 2015 / 2:36 am

      let me know when you do i’ll come too.


      • mikescraftbeer September 25, 2015 / 2:38 am

        Often I hit up the Valley Breweries when I am working by taking an unpaid break and getting growler fills. If I plan a trip out in the post work hours I will do that.


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