BEER I Bought for Thanksgiving.

I bought some beer for thanksgiving because i like a beer and its holiday. Here are the beers and here is why:

Enterprise D

Parallel 49- 187 Oh Ah

Basically I’m curious, 187 IBU’s? I mean c’mon. Although I am pretty sure our palates top out somewhere around 90 IBU’s I I’m not gonna pass up a chance to sample more than double that. Additionally the craft beer drinkers i’ll see tonight are all “TOTALLY IPA LOVERS” and I’m curious of their reaction.

Powell Street- 2015 Fresh Hop IPA- Thanksgiving is about a lot of stuff depending on who you talk to. Most can agree though that it has some passing connection to the harvest. With this ridiculous unneeded connection in mind i bought a fresh hopped beer… because we just had the hop harvest, get it? never mind. In any case i want to see if this is better than Sartori. I think it will be because well, Sartori was kind of average and slightly flawed in my opinion.

Anyways happy Settler Holiday, just a note mine is taking place on unceded tsleil waututh territory.

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