I’m Writing a Book, Here’s a Sneak Peak

So, you may have noticed that posts have been fewer lately. There is a reason for that. I’m in the process of writing a small coffee table book about Craft Beer Culture in Metro Vancouver. It will be self-published and probably available via a kickstarter or something who knows. Write now I am simply writing so without further adieu here is the cover, and one article:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.13.59 PM

A is for Alcohol

It’s the elephant in the room and I’d be silly to not to acknowledge it, but Alcohol is a part of craft beer. Despite being part of Craft Beer it’s not a significant part of Craft Beer. Sure some of the most interesting things being created in Metro Vancouver happen at over 5% ABV, but the ABV is never the focus, nor should it be. In fact I’ve never met a brew master who said: “I can’t wait to make a 12% beer”. ABV remains an adjective, a descriptor, but never the noun. If you are missing the significance of my literary allusion let me spell it out. An adjective is a describing word that describes a noun, otherwise known as person, place, or thing. So, while alcohol remains a part of craft beer, it remains a lesser part of craft beer, important only insofar that it supports the star, the beer itself. There are allusions to Marx’ conception of base and superstructure, but unless you’ve just had a big barley wine you are probably not interested just yet. So, while those new to home brewing might be interesting in upping the ABV on their barely palatable IPA made with far too many Cascade hop additions the true professionals are focusing on making good beer and drinking it responsibly… All hail responsibility.

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