titleHere are some things that are happening:

Parkside Brewing seems to be pushing ahead and looks to pour there floor very soon if they haven’t already.

Twin Sails debuted their first small batch beer, A Kolsch with Huell Melon hops, I hope to see it back for summer.

Twin Sails is also mocking up labels for their beers, and also inching closer to Lounge Licensing.

Moody Ales has debuted a new Pale Ale, I haven’t had it yet but hope to soon

Yellow Dog continues to debut beers on thursday nights, the latest white sour was killer and i can’t wait to see what their full fermentor program will bring.

Coquitlam will be hosting a craft beer festival tickets on sale now!

To be honest it seems to be a bit of an amateur hour with this. They opened their page with no confirmed breweries, no theme, have only debuted a handful of breweries to date, they seem to have no shuttle plan despite bing located in a very poor transit spot, and to boot the breweries who have signed on are fairly crafty outside of brewer’s row folk in Port Moody… I hope I am wrong.

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