Rumours Galore


Alright whose ready for some point form (and pint form, get it?) news and rumours. First the dirty Rumours:

-Supposedly there are two more brewery’s coming to Port Moody’s #BrewersRow.

-A Cidery also,

-and the distillery rumour keeps coming back up.

My thoughts: My understanding is the City is content at 4 breweries on Murray Street, anymore and they risk it becoming party central and a general nuisance. I don’t have anything to prove this, but I think its a pretty reasonable guess. I would believe that that two groups asked the city about opening up more breweries and it hasn’t gone further than that.

I think the cider rumour comes out of the cidery that has apparently already set up shop in PoCo as ciderys most likely would be looked upon similarly to additionally breweries by the city.

Final the distillery rumour, I just keep hearing the same rumour with all the similar details, I think there is a nugget of truth somewhere in there with this rumour.

Next The News:


The Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival has let me in on some details, they are finalizing a driving plan with operation red nose which will hopefully mean no patron has to even consider drinking and driving, they have quickly fleshed out there vendors list with a lot of local and distant content, and they have been so popular they have made it a two night event! Get you tickets here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.54.20 PM

On the same weekend you will be able to attend another amazing cask event from the Tri-City Cask Festival team! Again you will find lots of #BREWardInlet #BrewersRow content. More interesting is a cask from breweries who haven’t even opened their doors yet, Silver Valley brewing, and the Parkside Brewery. Tickets available now!

You could really build a great weekend here!

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