Early Thoughts on Brews Bro’s Vol. 2

The second Brews Brothers pack is here, and its going to fill your mouth hole with so music-beer word play that… you’ll stop liking music-beer word play? Poor introductions aside here are more first four thoughts on the New Brews Brothers pack:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.10.00 PM.png

Moody Ales Black Currant Sour- Miles away better than the last dark sour I had, Phillips Sax in the dark (sorry Phillips I don’t like to put down beer but your sours taste more like slightly tart sun-rype juice to me.) In fact this one was reallyy quite enjoyable, well done Breward Inlet brethren!



I’m going to have to be ignorant for a second because I forgot who made the Wild-Imperial-Oaked-Pilsner. I was ready to hate this one because it sounded like someone put 20 craft beer buzz words in a hat pulled out 5 and brewed a beer but this one actually hit for me.


Now it gets bad…

Cannery Brewing Apple IPA- First of all its, 7% and I have to ask “why?” I think their should be intention behind a beer and I just can’t tell why this fairly light beer should be 7%. Next is… green apple to me will always be an off flavour, why someone decided to do a beer version I’m not sure but it turned out iffy anyways.


Crannog Gruit simply way too light for me.


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