End of Summer Update

I took the summer off to finish of school but that doesn’t mean thing haven’t been happening in the Tri-Cities

-Yellow Dog continues their ever expanding expansion with an expansion of both tasting room and brewing. A new larger tasting room in already under construction.

-Twin Sails is looking to expand brewing compact in the fall, this should mean more and varied beers on the horizon. Space Armadillo is next on the list, an Imperial IPA with Galaxy and Amarillo hops.

-Twin Sails also looks to open a patio for next spring as bureaucracy got in the way of construction taking place for this summer.

-The Parkside looks to  can some product very soon.

-Another edition of the tri-cities cask fest takes place outdoors this long weekend.

New Breweries

-It seems only a matter of time before a new brewery opens in the the Tri-City area, i might even get together  a list of what I know, but in any case:

-District 43 brewing is in planning stages and hopes to get going by the end of June in Coquitlam or PoCo.

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