P49 Brews Brother Collab/Beerstagrammer Collab

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Recently a group of Beerstagrammers (we have to find a better title) had the opportunity to sample this years Parallel 49 Brews Brothers Pack.

Each beer is a collaboration with another brewery in BC. This is the 4th iteration of the collab and the first to feature Tall Boys.

Without further adieu, Photos by Vanpours words by noted creator-

P49 x Iron Road – Liquid Dreams Saison (@vanpours) – 


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.35.16 AM

The name of this beer is serious nostalgia. I had O-town’s first album on repeat during the early 2000s after being gifted it for my 10th birthday. Don’t judge me…everyone has jammed to O-town at some point! Yes, it’s probably at an R&B throwback party, or a random Tuesday if you’re me, but that’s besides the point. Documentary idea: Making the Beer. I’ll get Diddy on the phone. 

Similar to O-town’s recent number of radio plays, the Liquid Dreams Saison is limited. It’s also a heftier take on the saison style. Peppery on the body with notes of banana. Boozy and dry aftertaste. This isn’t what I would call a sessionable saison, but it’s a nice change up from the more fruit-forward ones I’ve recently had. Like O-town, it grows on you. 


P49 x The 101 Brewhouse – I Swear Belgian Style Single (@BrewardInlet)

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.36.33 AM

The Brews Brother Collab is something many of us look forward to. I swear, my buddies are always asking if i have any inside info on the new pack, I don’t. They don’t let up, I see the questions in their eyes. It like, guys, don’t let it weigh on your minds, y’know. You don’t need to move the moon and the stars to get it, just wait ‘til its ready.

In anycase, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling the P49 x 101 Brewhouse (Gibsons, Sunshine Coast BC.) collaboration. This Belgian Single hits all the right notes of a Top 40 hit. A solid malt body is met with Belgian funk rhythms that before this beer might only be found performed by Belgium’s top Funk Band “Solis Lacus” (that’s a legit Belgian funk band). This solid malt and funk base has a shadow by its side, a slight taste of gin which plays nicely with the base flavours. In short, I swear i’d recommend this to all my friends, you might say i’d recommend it to All-4-one of them… but that sounds kind of dumb.

P49 x Sooke Oceanside – Hanging Tough Red Bock (@seatoskybeerguy) – 


Can I tell you something you already know?  Parallel 49 is awesome. And their Brews Brothers Collaboration Box?  Doubly so. The reason they’re so pleasin’ is self-evident but I’ll list a few of them anyway: collecting & collaborating with such a diverse crew of breweries; putting out product that pushes the norms of style & profile, providing enthusiasts with so many flavours to unpack that Christmas plays a sober, sloppy-second fiddle; packaging and artwork that’s second to none; ‘nuff said.

Can I tell you something you don’t know?  At the height of New Kids on the Block’s (the boy band who’s Hangin’ Tough song this delicious Red Bock was named after) popularity I was blissfully unaware of them and rocking HARD to early Metallica.  One afternoon in grade 11 French class I was most definitely NOT learning French when a gaggle of grade 9 girls peeked thru the classroom window. The focus of their curiosity? Me. I know it’s hard to believe but, back then, I was most definitely NOT a ladies man.  The reason for their misplaced enthusiasm? “You look like Jonathen Knight,” one of my friends who was a girl told me. “Who the expletive is that?” I replied. “The less popular brother in NKOTB,” she finished. Oh.

This beer was brewed with love and tenderness by Parallel 49 and Sooke Oceanside Brewery and I highly recommend you seek it and it’s fellow brothers out.  Thanks for allowing me to sip salaciously while walking “Step by Step” down memory lane!


P49 x Luppolo – We’ve Got It Goin’ On Saison fermented with wine yeast  (@Ivantheiceman)

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.36.42 AM

We’ve got it goin on saison. Yes, yes it does have it goin on! It pours a beautiful clear gold. The nose is a soft saison funk bit it’s kicked up a notch with the wine yeast and it really comes through. Then you take that sip and realize just how talented the brewer’s that crafted this saison are. It is balanced so well. The wine yeast plays a special roll rounding out the grain and delicious funk. I think this is my new favorite saison and it should be a mainstay at P49 and Luppolo!

P49 x Fieldhouse – Faded Habenero Peach Gose (@ZappaandZero

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.36.05 AM

Parallel 49. Good 

Fieldhouse. Good. 

Gose. Good. 

Peaches. Good. 

Habaneros. Good. 

Together!?!? Better.

Parallel 49 has a reputation for constantly putting out bangers with quality and consistency. Fieldhouse Brewing is known for their big, bold, rustic flavours. So, when I saw both of these power houses on the same can, I just had to have it. 

When you read “Faded – Habanero Peach Gose” on the front of the can, a lot of red flags pop up. How spicy? How sour? How peacherific? 

As a lover of the hottest sauces I can confidently say there is very little heat. It slightly tickles the back of the throat but nothing to warrant a glass of milk. The sweetness of the peach comes through nicely and with its refreshing tartness it gives this beer a fun cocktail vibe. This is a beer I quite enjoyed. It really makes you question what is real. 

Taste is subjective. This is just one guy’s opinion. That being said, it is my sole decision 😉 that you need to give this little spicy peach party a taste.


P49 x Fuggles & Warlock – I Want It That Way Yuzu Sencha Brut IPA (@westcoasthomebrewer) 

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.35.29 AM

This 7% Brut IPA is infused with Sencha Green Tea and Yuzu Citrus! A golden brut style IPA with a stone fruit and grape like essence on the nose along side a herbal, slightly citrus tasting note. While the brew is quite astringent on the tongue, the yuzu and green tea additions blend harmoniously together to give a complete brew experience! The teams at parallel 49 and fuggles and warlock should be proud of this concoction, I definitely want it that way!


P49 x Coal Harbour – I’ll Make Love To You Black Currant Dark Mild (@hopsnscrubs)

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.36.24 AM

There comes a time.. when a beer so bold and so delicious makes you kick back and remember the days when you and your buddies used to rock matching oversized patterned suits, vests, and baseball hats and croon sexy lyrics to any lady that walked by.

Hops and Scrubs used to do exactly that back in the day. To the full extent. 

Except only in our minds. And instead of matching oversized patterned suits we wore matching Hypercolor t-shirts. And instead of hats we wore our bowl cuts. And ladies laughed at us as we crooned “Mmm Mmm Mmm” by Crash Test Dummies.

But we digress… Here is a beer that takes us back to the days when Boyz II Men were king

and it was cool to wear pants bigger than three humans.

This is “I’ll Make Love To You” by @parallel49beer and @coalharbourbrewing. Pours a deep dark caramel colour with a pink/almost opaque head. Aromas of cocoa, toasted malts, and berries. Malt, chocolate, coffee, currants on the tongue. Very bold combo and worked out great! Delicious! You just may… no you WILL.. want to make love to it.

P49 x BrewHall – No Diggity Hazy IPA (@crafttourist)

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.35.40 AM

“I like the way YOU work it, NO DIGGITY” and by YOU, I mean Graham With from @parallel49beer and Kerry Dyson from @brewhall that collaborates to create this 6% Hazy IPA for the Brews Brothers Collaboration Pack. It was close but I would say it edged out the rest of the pack as my personal favourite! 

It’s everything that I enjoy in a Hazy IPA but with a fun little funk. Much like the music of the famous Black Street track, the beer had me groovin’ and swayin’ with tropical notes of pineapple & kiwi and a bit a citrus fruit playing a guest spot just like Dr. Dre and Queen Pen did on this catchy hip HOP song straight out of 1996! You could say it was on “Another Level” and that true beer enthusiasts will love this one, from the “East side to the West side!” 


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